on the hunt: backpacks

Did I mention before that I have been walking to and from work? Well, I am and it feels fabulous. But I am realizing that not having a great backpack makes the walk a bit trickier. For one I have a single arm messenger style bag. Not good and the old backpacks I have are more of the hiking variety. Way too big for just going to work. I mean my lunch isn’t that huge! So, I am thinking about getting a new one. How about one of these below?

The coolest Kanken Fjallraven backpacks.

The Bronwyn Hobo from J. Crew.

The Railway Rucksack from Madewell.

The Lane Lines bag from Anthropologie.

Deux Lux flapover satchel from Urban Outfitters.
But then I get to thinking I have always had a practical bag, never a girly “purse” bag. And when I saw this one, I thought it was a perfect mix of girly and practical, right? Or am I just looking for an excuse to get 2 bags instead of one?
Can you believe it’s a Valentino? Guess I dream big!

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