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I have been going back through glancing at a few of my previous posts, namely the interior design boards for the various spaces in my home. And I have realized that I have a bit of a split personality — design personality, that is.
Amazing built-ins would hold all my “tools” from fabric, pens, paper, ribbons, including stacks of inspirational books.
I have been really rethinking this notion of my personal work space. I keep envisioning this space with a sparkling white work surface (cue the Parsons desk), an oversize tufted chair in some sort of pattern. Fireworks pillow. Stacks of beautiful and inspiring books. And a pin board for inspiration and all my good ideas.
Short built-ins could hold my many plants and double as counter-space when I spread out .
Sounds great right? The trouble is, on one hand I love the traditionalist in me that creates the room I want to look at and the the grown-up kid in me wants the kitchy colourful room that I want it to feel like. I worry that bright colours look to childish but I don’t want the adult room looking so put together it resembles a hotel. I think I do this in all my spaces. Because what really intrigues me about a space is juxtaposing styles, shapes and textures.
In the bathroom, I like organic (think rough wood stool and funky light fixture) and vintage (think New York brownstone tile and fixtures).
In the dining room, I like mid century modern (saarinen table) with a dash of antique roadshow (vintage oriental rug).
The kitchen should be a uptown butlers pantry (blue-grey cabinetry & veiny marble countertops) mixed with kitchy accents (fiestaware and aged cooking gadgets).
So, for now here is the studio design board 2.0. I think it will be a process of constant editing. Like most art projects, it will never really be done. And that’s the way I like it!
What about you? Any design dilemmas of your own?

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