on the hunt: summer dress

Now that we had that one day of weather where the temperature peaked past the 50’s (rumor has it, it might’ve even got to the upper 60’s???), I’ve started contemplating summer lists, and looking into getting a new (or even few) summer dresses!!! For me, dresses tend to be the hardest item to shop for. They never seem to fit just how I like, and even though on-line shopping makes it so easy, I do get a bit worries that the dress might look terrible on me. So, here’s a few I’ve found. Have you ladies out there found any favourites this season? Do share!

My favourite option so far, just not sure what colour leggings you could wear with it.
But a scarf and belt are easy additions! Another one from Madewell, of course!

This dress works with just about any addition and the sleeves add warmth, but it might be a tad to simple.

Cute gathered skirt, would work great with a belt or leggings.

A cute striped number from Madewell.
The eyelet skirt is a must-have this season, and looks adorable with a breezey blouse and sandals.
I like this 60s styling.
The striped shirt dress is huge right now. And makes for an easy-going style.
Ideally, I would like something easy to toss on and easily changeable by adding a big leather belt, a sweater, a scarf or even leggings underneath. I don’t mind sleeveless, short or long sleeves, as long as I could change it up depending on the weather. If I could just find a nice ikat or floral sheath dress with a bit of sleeves and a dash of black in the pattern that would be perfect!

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