royal wedding fever

I suppose I was one of the 6% of Americans that held some interest in the Royal wedding between Prince William and Catherine Middleton. And it was AMAZING! Completely worth getting up at 4 am to watch. Her dress was unbelievable. I have watched her walk down the aisle at Westminster half a dozen times. And of course hosted a Royal Wedding party, complete with poshly dressed guests. I will show a few pictures from the party soon, but first a few of my favourite from the real Royal Wedding itself.

Our first glance of her dress as she steps out of the Bentley with her father to enter the church.

Westminster decorated for the wedding, I LOVE the trees. Brought such a natural element to the cold stone building.

One of my favorite moments, was when Prince Harry looked back and said to Prince William: “Here she comes, wait until you see her.”
I just loved when William couldn’t wait to tell her when she finally arrived at his side: “You look beautiful.”

Taken just before the carriage ride, during which Catherine asked if he was happy. William responded “I am so happy! I am so proud you are my wife.” So sweet, it kills me!

The much-anticipated balcony kiss! So adorable, look at the cute smile on the little bridesmaid.

The pretty little bridesmaids and dapper pageboys.

One of the few official wedding portraits just released. I love the relaxed nature and bright smiles!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as they leave Buckingham the morning following the festivities.
** Post Update” In my recent search for a sumer dress (see later post) I happened upon this one.
Look familiar? Good choice Kate!**

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