chubby wubbies

Oh my! These look amazing! I am such a sucker for chocolate. They have four flavors and I would like one of each! Chubby Wubby Caramel, MintRaspberry and chocolate. Buy ’em here.

As an aside, remember this post, when I mentioned I was going to attempt to make hi-hats? Well I did make a batch and from the reviews I received they were very yummy, not too rich either which I was a bit worried about. However, the thing I was most afraid of did happen — the piped meringue frosting, does take a bit of time in the freezer to stiffen up, because my first dipped cupcake melted right into the chocolate. But once they harden a bit longer (patience is key!) they were perfect. Sadly, I dod not take any photos, which means I will definitely have to make them again. Have any of you baked recently? Any suggestions on what I should bake this month?



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