favorite things: etsy art

It seems like every once in a while I get obsessed with a particular thing little and am constantly on the look out. Right now, its art for our walls. I would like to have what I have named in my handy little notebook as an “awesome gallery of wall art”. I’d like to share a few of my recent purchase and favourite finds still on my to purchase list.

I have a whole slew of these animals in suits, he even adds little commentary about each ones life story.

And on the still waiting for a few favourites:
They also have this is poster style, but I love the idea of hanging it like this to add a bit of texture.
I am waiting for the re-print on this one as soon as it is back in stock!
Whew! What a collection, eh? And this is only a portion of what I have in my “favourites” and doesn’t even include my non-etsy wall art wish list So, what kind of art do you like? I have a tendency toward typographic elements, (obviously), a little colour and texture is a must. In my next search, I would like to add a bit of photography! Don’t forget to click on the links and visit the artist’s Etsy page. You just might find something you cannot live without! Enjoy!

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