color inspiration

A few weeks back I was asked to help out with colours and a plan for my in-laws kitchen. They have pre-existing deep green cutains they’d like to keep and lovely wooden cabinetry. They are inspired by tuscan or earth tone colours. Although they might only be interested in painting the walls and adding a few meaningful and well-placed coordinating kitchen items, I figured I would go through my inspiration files and see what I could come up with. So, take a look, you may not like the particular plan, but pull out little details, colours, materials, lamps, hardware, etc. that you like and tell me about it! Enjoy! Anyone else have any ideas? Do share!

This one I found to be the key piece to my ideas. White it is mostly white, what caught my eye was the brown-ish grey backspash, which would be a beautiful compliment to your dark green curtains. The copper pots brings in nice warm tones and the texture from the wood stools could all be translated nicely into your kitchen! That tile colour might even work as a nice wall colour, with bright white trim rather than white cabinetry. Just need to use the palette as inspiration, and put the colours in more usable space in your own space!

This one is so playful, a perfect example of how to coordinate so many textures.

A generally neutral palette with a splash of bright red-orange! A feast for the eyes!

Pay close attention to the lamp, chair fabric and rug! A brilliant combo.

A quiet version of the earth tone palette, I love how the wood is working here.

Look how that sofa pops, and with so much pattern to compete with it still looks deep and relaxing.

One of my favourites for your inspiration, look how well the two wall colours work so well together. An easy transition for say, a kitchen area to your living room?
Fabulous texture and mixing of styles as seen in the ornate table matched with the pared down chairs. I love a little competition between mis-matched styles. And those rust side chairs are to die for!

This is the colour – but for your living room, would work amazingly well with your fireplace.

Muted tones, more masculine furniture, but I love it just the same, see the hint of pattern in the pillows, the browns, olive, and rust! Oh my!

These last two have it all, particularly this above one, the rug, wood, modern and classic, and even a touch of purple to throw off the whole palette!

Again here, I love the eclectic impression here. All brilliant inspiration!
So, how’d we do? Have you been sufficiently inspired? Did I miss anything? Hopefully I didn’t get to off track! I just love the inspiration files. Enjoy!
Do you have any ideas for an inspiration board? I would love the challenge of putting one together for you!

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