kitchen dreams

My good friend JoEllen is re-doing her kitchen and has me machinating about my own dream kitchen. Because I won’t be remaking our own kitchen until we are firmly set in a new dream house, day dreams are where my kitchen plans stay. Although as many of you can attest to that doesn’t stop me from studying colour decks, granites, and even occasionally buying a few tiles to keep the ideas flowing. Because I love the idea of a galley kitchen, and because I tend to be on the short side, I would love to have both counters to be a different height, one short side for baking and the other for the Prof and guests and the regular cooking.
This galley kitchen above also shows a fabulous idea of mine — no overhead cabinetry.
I love the idea of rethinking shelving above the counter.
This one below is my favourite! I love the hardwood floors, the two-tone cabinets, especially the dark blue grey.
The openness, the art, and the amazing persian rug!!
The art and open shelves here are great, but what about the colour or materials?
I think the stark black and white even with the art might be a little bit cold.
In the two above, the marble countertop and back splash are amazing. I LOVE the texture in the marble and the random, more organic pattern. I also love that rather than a separate tile backsplash and counter, it is the same material — this the transitionbetween the two would be smooth.

This one is a moodier take of the grey-blue and the oriental rug, but I still love it! The couple below conjure up more of the retro flair that I love in accessories and bring in small pops of colour!!

What about a retro range set next to a modern glass-front fridge?
Mixing accessories both modern and clean with vintage finds is my favourite in everyone room.


Hardware, lighting, cabinetry are all essential to the planning.
I love the clasp hardware, knobs are ok, but little hinges and latches are so much more fun!!

Vintage inspired lighting that’s unique and causes reaction is unexpected.
I love round lamps, they are like little globes or suns that shine on you.

And what kitchen is not complete without perfectly organized items and groceries in the cabinets. This one below is absolute perfection. I can’t pretend that I don’t love well-placed products, like an aisle in the grocery store.
This last one, while it has overhead white cabinetry, excels at whimsy — it is charming and classic.

2 thoughts on “kitchen dreams

  1. I see. So this is what it takes to be a student athlete in the United States. I thought that the process was so easy conisdering that more and more athletes are not Americans. But I think that this complex process is just right so that there will be no problems that will arise later on.

  2. Ååå nå ble jeg misunnelig altså!! Du/dere er heldige. Litt varme og sol gjør ikke noe nå som høstkulden kommer snikende på oss!!Du får glede oss andre med bilder fra varmen da =)

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