valentines day dreamy date wish list

My list of valentines necessities: I found a few things that are just the sweetest for this cheesey day of romance. Because Valentines falls in the dead of winter, why not spend the day inside? Snuggled next to a fire, nestled away with nothing to do. 

There are even more cabins like this one is the Villages of Mt. Hood.

And in the case that you can’t stay there, set out a few of these: Diptyque – Feu de Bois Candles, which literally translates from the french wood fire, it’s smokey fragrance evokes the warm, familiar smell of a fire on a cold winter’s day.
Enjoy a cup of the many flavors of the delicious trader Joe’s sipping chocolate, mint is one of my favourites!

Read something pretty and inspiring.

While you are snuggled up in a dreamy organic wool blanket.
Send out love notes on these darling mini cards.
Leave mouthwatering chocolates for your friends to find on their on pillows at night.
And these are an extra bonus because of the pretty packaging!

What do I wear, you ask, for such a getaway??? For the most cuddly afternoon a comfy jcrew plaid shirt…
And jusr because you can stay inside all day long, lounge in these luxurious cashmere undies! Best find ever!

Cute Kate Spade slippers:
Don’t forget a sweater, ikat scarf and a little sparkly bling…

And eat a cupcake or two or three… Yum!
Okay, so it turned out to be quite a list, but who knows me to me short-winded, am I right? And these are just a few of my ideas. What are your plans for the wonderful day of love? Enjoy your valentines day!

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