fonts: in-lines

Neutra 2 Display Inline

Carisma Inline
I have been obsessed with finding a good inline font lately. I have tried the forums and my favourite is one that no one can find, of course! Futura Inline. According to the forums over on, Carisma Inline, Neutraface No. 2, Dessau pro Plakat is close but it is open on the ends and that won’t do. Here are a few other alternatives: Of which I enjoy Phosphate Inline. The Hoefler & Frere Jones has my vote as I prefer the condensed weight of Cyclone, its also has a bonus set of alternative unicase letterforms!!! What more could a girl ask for?! But it still begs the question, can we not find the classic Futura Inline? That which inspires the soul and simplicity of Futura? Do you have a favourite Inline font? Or even outline for that matter?


That Cyclone and Neutra No. 2 are so unbelievably beautiful, I might just have to convince the Prof. that I need both!

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