basking in books

I’ve been thinking about books lately. I’ve always been really interested in book cover design. You know how they always say “Never judge a book by it’s cover”? I have the hardest time doing that. In fact I have been known to buy books just for that reason- a fabulously designed cover. In fact some of my favourite art are blown up book covers.But what has intrigued me lately are the diverse fonts and illustration used for literature and fiction especially. Because the topics and genres are so diverse these days the cover art is reflecting that. What is your favourite book cover right now? Have you seen the penguin classics?
No, not those. Although, I am such a huge fan that it really is a tie between the classic classics and the new classics. But these new ones make me want to go out and buy them all.
**Post Update: I just came across these Penguin Children’s classics! I love Robin Hood and Peter Pan! More to add to the collection!!**


A while ago I came across the work of Jimmy Tierney, he was in a class of Jessica Hische whom I am a big admirer of. He created these the most drool-worthy Jules Vern series, I was truely sad when I found out they weren’t published.
Of the four books he designed in this series, each one had a brilliant cover. In Around the World in Eighty Days, he designed a spinwheel complete with illustrations of each city.In From the Earth to the Moon, there was a clever pulltab. I remember a storybook from I was little about bunnies, I can’t recall anything else but I remember the pulltab! Just amazing!
I’ve saved the best for last! In Journey to the center of the Earth, he used translucent acetate or printed plastic vellum sheets to hide or expose all the treasures buried beneath the earth.
These covers make me wish I was an illustrator. I think I would like to add book cover to my list of projects this year. And in the manner of Jessica Hische’s class, how about I create one based on a movie? Any ideas on the story I should use? Any favourite choices? See more amazing student work here and Jim Tierney. Amazing stuff from both of these guys!

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