sweet stationery

My personal favourite aspect of weddings – the stationery! I thought I might highlight what I’ve noticed is making waves in the design world.
The Suites – invitations are not simply a single printed sheet on white cardstock with black ink anymore. They are so much more! The stationery suite as I have seen it referred to lately, entails a much larger operation, which nowadays can include a save-the-date, maps, rsvp, envelopes, list of events, invitations to other events, the postcards, local city information, travel cards, cocktail cards, even stories about the couple and links to websites, which (occasionally) arrive all tied with string.
Invitations as storyboards.
Calligraphy has made a major comeback.
Stamps are used as artwork.
 Colour is everywhere!
Letterpress or hand-drawn maps lead the way!
Don’t forget about the envelope liners!
Why just invite guests to the wedding, why not first send a adorable little cards to your bridal party? With a bridesmaids card.
One of my favourite ideas – to keep everyone up on the vital info!!
Other brilliant ideas:
Stamp-style invitations.
Over-the-top monograms.
And all this before you even get to the wedding! Once there you might find:
Programs, likes these little pocket-sized and tied with ribbon.
Seating charts & escort cards:
The ever important menu!
Even the dessert bars have guides! This one is perfect!
Favours, especially those that work overtime as dual function, favor and menu card.
And amazing extras: Napkins, coasters & swizzle sticks. Oh my!

And my personal favourite and possibly the most important of the stationery pieces – the thank you note! Metallic inks and bright colours are a big hit right now. In some cases these translate nicely to new desk stationery for the newlyweds, as well!
Well, that just about wraps it up. What other stationery trends have you seen? In weddings or elsewhere? Wherever you may be, be sure to discover well-designed wedding tables all set with stationery!

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